West Coast Wonders: Storing Your Outdoor Gear in California and Oregon

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From the shining coasts of the Pacific Ocean to the many national forests spread across both states, there’s no denying that California and Oregon are prime destinations for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts. However, when it comes time to pack away your outdoor gear, it can be difficult to find secure storage space around the house. That’s why it’s best to turn toward self storage for prime outdoor gear storage.

Whether you plan to hike the many peaks of Oregon or ride the waves of the southern California beaches, there are countless benefits to having adequate storage space to place your outdoor gear when the offseason arrives. In this blog post, our team at Trojan Storage will show you how to best use self storage for your outdoor gear.

What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Gear Storage?

The benefits of outdoor gear storage are immense. The right self storage solution will offer you a cost-effective and accessible place to keep your outdoor gear so you don’t have to fill up your garage or shed. In addition, the convenience of having a centralized location for storing your outdoor gear cannot be understated.

Different Uses for Outdoor Gear Storage

Alongside the many benefits of outdoor gear storage is the sheer versatility of self storage. With the right storage unit, you can find enough space to keep all kinds of outdoor gear secure and better protected. Allow us to show you the many solutions that proper self storage can provide to outdoor enthusiasts across California and Oregon.

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Self Storage for Sports Equipment

Whether you have kayaks and bikes or padding, balls, and cleats to store, self storage is ideal to keep your sports equipment secure over the offseason. If you plan to store smaller items such as hockey pucks, baseballs, and golf balls, keep them in bins for organization. For larger items such as bikes and kayaks, make sure they’re off the storage unit floor by placing them on crates.

Ski Gear Storage

Throughout Oregon, skiing is one of the most popular outdoor winter activities. This is especially true with many famed resorts in the state, such as Mount Hood and Mount Bachelor. However, self storage helps keep your ski gear protected and ready for the slopes. Before you store your gear, make sure it’s cleaned and prepared for spending time in storage. Keep your gear either hung vertically or laid horizontally on a soft surface.

Surfboard Storage

As for California, one summertime delight that many outdoor enthusiasts participate in is surfing. With a wide range of surfing beaches to explore, such as Surfer’s Knoll, Grandview Surf Beach, and Windansea Beach, it’s tempting to hit the waves. But it’s just as important to keep your surfboard in good shape with self storage. Before storing, rinse your board and thoroughly dry it. In storage, keep your board horizontal to prevent any bending.

Hiking Gear Storage

Hiking is a popular outdoor activity in Oregon and California, and much like all other kinds of outdoor activities, it’s pivotal to keep your hiking gear in good condition. This is where self storage can help. First, make a list of the items you want to store. Keep smaller gear such as GPSs and additional apparel in protective containers. If you plan to store footwear, dry them off and keep scrap paper such as newspaper inside to prevent any crushing.

Young woman riding on a paddleboard on the shores of California.

Outdoor Gear Storage Tips

After you better understand how useful self storage can be for different kinds of outdoor gear, it’s time to find the right solution for your gear! Here are some tips for storing your gear to keep it in good condition.

  • Sort your gear into groups.
  • Clean each piece of equipment.
  • Discard any items in poor condition or that are no longer needed.
  • Utilize storage bins for maximum protection.
  • Label each bin to the corresponding contents.
  • Think about placing items vertically and horizontally.

Climate-Controlled Storage for Outdoor Gear

Some pieces of outdoor equipment might require additional protection against extreme temperatures such as heat or cold. For maximum protection against the elements, place your outdoor gear in climate-controlled storage. Climate-controlled storage units are optimal for storing temperature-sensitive items like bikes and watercraft, as they’re kept within a consistent temperature range.

Rent the Best Self Storage for Your Outdoor Gear at Trojan Storage

For the best self storage units to keep your outdoor gear in good condition, come to us at Trojan Storage. With a wide range of storage unit options to choose from, including climate-controlled storage, you can rest easy knowing your outdoor gear is better protected and in prime shape for the next season. To rent or reserve your storage unit, find your nearest Trojan Storage location or contact our team online now!

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