Moving and Packing Supplies

When you move into your storage unit, you’ll need to have the right tools and supplies to keep your belongings preserved and organized. By purchasing your moving and packing supplies at Trojan Storage, you not only save money but gather the supplies you need for self storage at one single location.

Why Should I Get Moving and Packing Supplies?

Buying moving and packing supplies at Trojan Storage means more than getting boxes, padding, and tape. It allows you to protect your belongings as much as you want. Whether you plan to store various boxes of items, mattresses, or furniture, you can better ensure your belongings are well kept while in your unit.

To learn more about what each of our storage units can hold, visit our size guide today!

Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are an excellent resource for keeping your belongings tidy and protected. However, finding the right size box for each item can be more challenging than you would think. Let us show you the various-sized moving boxes available for sale at our storage facilities.

Small Moving Boxes

Small moving boxes are typically used for storing fragile items or heavier items of a smaller size. These are particularly good for dishes, glassware, small photographs, books, and more. Because of their size, it prevents you from overpacking each box.

Medium Moving Boxes

Medium boxes are built for lighter yet larger items that can’t fit in small-sized boxes. Some items perfect for medium-sized boxes include toys, picture frames, decorations, and kitchen cookware.

Large Moving Boxes

Sometimes, you’ll need to store items that simply can’t fit or be held in a medium or small-sized box. This is where our large moving boxes come into play. Our large moving boxes are the ideal solution for storing and moving computers, lampshades, speakers, and monitors. Just don’t forget proper padding to avoid damage.

Extra-Large Moving Boxes

Have any items that need a box with just a little more space? Then look no further than our extra-large moving boxes. Our extra-large boxes are prime for blankets, comforters, stuffed animals, and other bulky yet lighter items.

Packing Supplies

Alongside our moving boxes, we have additional packing supplies to help keep your belongings sealed up tight in self storage. The packing supplies we have for sale at Trojan Storage include the following:

Locks for Your Storage Unit

For further protection of your belongings, you’ll need to keep your storage unit locked. This is why, at Trojan Storage, we sell disk locks for you to use on whatever storage unit you rent. Remember to check and make sure your lock works well with your storage unit.

Get Everything You Need for Moving and Packing at Trojan Storage

With the best moving and packing supplies available for purchase, there’s no better place to rent a storage unit than at Trojan Storage. Eager to get started? Find your nearest Trojan Storage location, browse through our blog, or contact us online to see what your nearest storage facility has to offer.