Car Storage

While owning a car is a necessity in many areas, there isn’t always plentiful parking space available. This is especially true if you own multiple vehicles or need long-term car storage while traveling. Thankfully, Trojan Storage is here to help. We offer several convenient options for car, boat, and RV storage at our storage facilities across the country. We have uncovered and covered outdoor spots and indoor car storage units that can protect your ride from the elements.

Do I Need Car Storage?

Everyone’s needs are unique, but there are several reasons to rent car storage that may apply to you. If you live in the city, in a loft apartment, or in another urban area, you may not have any designated parking spaces available for an extra vehicle. You also may not want a rarely used car taking up space in your driveway or garage, whether it’s a classic car, a fixer-upper, or simply an old set of wheels. Renting car storage gives you a reliable place to park away from home.

Benefits of Car Storage

Many benefits come with renting one of Trojan Storage’s options for car storage, whether you opt for a covered or uncovered space. These can include:

Types of Car Storage

You have your choice of several different car storage spaces with Trojan Storage. We offer units in a wide range of sizes so you can comfortably park your vehicle whether you’ve got a small two-door coupe or a big four-wheel drive. Our options fall into a few primary categories:

Get Car Storage From Trojan Storage

Trojan Storage is your trusted source for RV, boat, and car storage. We offer several options for vehicle storage, with indoor and outdoor spaces available across various sizes to accommodate your needs. Whether you’re searching for a temporary car storage space during the winter or a long-term parking spot, our month-to-month leases are perfect for you.

Get started today by locating a car storage facility near you! You can also explore our FAQ page and storage tips page or contact us online for additional information.