Climate-controlled storage at Trojan Storage in Sacramento, California

Climate-Controlled Storage in Sacramento, CA

Trojan Storage offers quality climate-controlled storage units for rent in the North Highlands area near Sacramento, just off I-80. These specialized units are maintained within a set temperature and humidity range in order to create a consistent environment for temperature-sensitive items. This means that no matter what the weatherman predicts outside, the inside of your unit will remain constant, keeping your items in the same shape as they arrived in.

Consider the Advantages

While our traditional units are a great option for most items, climate-controlled units might be a better choice for your belongings that are more vulnerable to changes in temperature. In order to help preserve the integrity if these items, climate-controlled self storage is a huge advantage. If you are looking to store some of these items you may want to consider our specialized storage units:

  • Art & Photographs
  • Vinyl Record, Stamp & Other Collections
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Wood Furniture
  • Files & Records

Not sure if your belongings should be stored in traditional or climate-controlled environments? Give our knowledgeable staff a call to have all of your questions answered. You can also visit our Unit Sizes & Prices page for more information about the current availability of units for rent in Sacramento, CA.