Climate-controlled storage at Trojan Storage Oregon City, Oregon

Heated Storage in Oregon City, OR

Heated storage at Trojan Storage works by keeping your items warm and dry by preventing mold and mildew. Maintaining a consistent temperature on even the wettest and coldest of Oregon City, OR, days helps keep your items in top form. But that’s not the only reason to choose a heated storage unit. In addition to the added layer of care for your possessions, heated units make it comfortable whenever you visit during the winter months.

Care for Your Most Sensitive Items

Heated storage is ideal for many of your valuable belongings. Have any antique wooden items? Leather furniture? These are a few types of items that thrive in a controlled environment, as do sensitive electronics like computers and hi-fi stereo components. Other items that benefit from this type of storage include instruments, cameras, painting, books, and clothing.

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