Climate-Controlled Storage in Portland

At Trojan Storage of Portland Alberta, we offer storage solutions in Portland, OR. Here, you’ll find traditional and climate-controlled units in a variety of sizes and prices, ensuring you’ll find the ideal space for you, your belongings, and your wallet. While most of your items will do well in our traditional units, which feature all-metal interiors and remote lock access, your more valuable items need an extra layer of protection. That’s when climate-controlled storage comes handy. Paperwork, artwork, upholstered furniture, and clothing are examples of items that benefit from climate-controlled storage.

Ideal for Your More Sensitive Items

Climate-controlled storage protects your belongings from weather fluctuations, keeping the temperature and humidity at consistent levels throughout the year – no matter what the weather is like outside. This benefit goes a long way for anything you plan to store for a while, as it’ll help preserve the value of each item.

Do you have any questions about storage? Give us a call and let our team share our knowledge. Here, you’re sure to find a unit tailored to your needs.