7 Things To Do in Rancho Cordova, CA

An upward shot of California palm trees near Rancho Cordova.

Not far from downtown Sacramento, Rancho Cordova is a sunny suburban town that over 80,000 people call home. On top of that, countless visitors from the Sacramento area and beyond are coming to explore its many attractions and events. In fact, with the many attractions, it can take time to decide where you want to take your family and friends.

With a plethora of historic sites, outdoor activities, and restaurants to dine at, there are countless destinations for you and your family to explore throughout this gem of Sacramento County. Allow our team at Trojan Storage to guide you through seven of the top family-friendly activities in Rancho Cordova, CA.

1. Sacramento Children’s Museum

If you have children and want to do an activity geared toward your little ones, look no further than the Sacramento Children’s Museum. This colorful museum is filled with hands-on and interactive activities for children of all ages and adults to enjoy together. The purpose of this museum is to spark an interest in learning that could last your child a lifetime. Let your child explore the world through this vibrant destination, from science to nature to art.

2. Hagan Community Park

Are you looking for an outdoor activity near Rancho Cordova? Consider adding a trip to Hagan Community Park to your list of outdoor activities in Rancho Cordova. The largest park in town is nearly 80 acres, and this lush landscape contains many hiking trails and routes along the riverside to explore. With several picnic areas available to rent, you can host the barbecue of the year within these scenic shelters.

A happy young family taking a trip in the car.

3. Sunrise Recreation Area

Maybe you require an outdoor activity that is more in tune with nature. Then, Sunrise Recreation Area is your ideal recreational area to explore in Rancho Cordova. This waterfront stretch provides scenic tracks and barbecue areas for get-togethers. Do you want to hit the waters? Take advantage of the on-site boat launch and enjoy a pleasant fishing excursion.

4. Nimbus Flat State Recreation Area

Another beautiful outdoor activity is a trip to the Nimbus Flat State Recreation Area. Alongside the many other scenic parks in Rancho Cordova, this lush stretch of riverfront terrain provides excellent biking trails and paths for you, your family, and even your furry friend to explore. Next door, visit the Sacramento State Aquatic Center to set sail along Lake Natoma.

5. Folsom Historic District

After exploring Rancho Cordova’s many recreation areas and parks, explore inland to see what the town offers. Among the most popular destinations near Rancho Cordova is the Folsom Historic District. Packed with several museums on local history, including the Folsom History Museum, this part of town is a history buff’s local hot spot. In addition to that, this part of town also provides numerous shops and dining options along Sutter Street and the 700 block.

6. Brookfields Restaurant

After a long day of adventure, it’s time to grab a bite to eat. Located right off Highway 50, Brookfields Restaurant is a delicious stop for families and travelers. This hot spot serves American classics from breakfast to dinner in a cozy and relaxed environment. Whether you’re coming for happy hour or a sit-down family dinner, take comfort in this casual, family-friendly eatery.

A group of airplanes flying during an air show.

7. California Capital Airshow

In addition to the everyday attractions in Rancho Cordova, several annual events take place in town. Among the most popular of these events is the California Capital Airshow. Held every July at the Sacramento Mather Airport, this dazzling spectacle has amazed spectators since 2004 with the many participating aircraft and the feats they perform. This event also ties the city’s rich aviation history to today.

Tips for a Great Rancho Cordova Trip

As you see, there are countless events to attend and unique attractions to explore throughout this sunny town. Although residents of Rancho Cordova will have these fun-filled activities right at their doorstep, plenty of people will also plan to visit these destinations from out of town. For those folks, we have a few recommendations to make the most of your visit.

  • Plan and book your reservations ahead of time
  • Ensure that you pack everything you need
  • Bring plenty of sunscreen and outdoor gear
  • Make sure to always have water on you
  • Take advantage of accessible attractions
  • Make sure you have enough storage space for souvenirs upon your return

Make Space for Your Vacation With Trojan Storage

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