Urban Storage Solutions: Navigating Space Constraints in Illinois’ and Washington’s Major Cities

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Living in big cities in Illinois and Washington can lead to countless possibilities for work and improving your well-being. From the Chicago Loop to the Seattle Waterfront, a big city simply has more resources and opportunities than less urban areas. But city living also has its challenges. Space constraints are among the most common challenges, leaving you without adequate room in your small apartment.

This is where self storage can come to save the day.

Whether you live in the Windy City or near the piers of the Emerald City, urban residents across the country can benefit from the additional space made with the right storage unit. In this blog, our team at Trojan Storage will show you how self storage can benefit folks living in urban areas across Illinois and Washington.

Why Self Storage Can Be Useful for Urban Spaces

With the higher population densities of urban areas, such as in Chicago and Seattle, finding adequate storage space inside your small apartment or living space can be difficult. On average, the cost of living in Chicago is roughly 20% higher than the national average, while the cost of living in Seattle is around 50% higher, making it a challenge to rent a bigger living space within your budget.

This is why self storage is such a useful and appealing option for folks living in urban areas. Self storage is the most affordable and convenient option for making space at home, especially if you find the right storage facility a short walk or drive from your apartment. Whether you’re a student or simply need to clear room for a workspace, self storage can make all the difference.

City Living Storage Solutions

If you need to make more space in your small apartment, nothing beats investing in self storage, especially in large cities like Chicago and Seattle. As you find your ideal storage unit, you can apply some useful tips and tricks to make the most of the limited room in your apartment. Here are some of the many techniques you can put into practice.

  • Implement multipurpose furniture
  • Make use of space underneath your bed
  • Utilize storage cubbies
  • Capitalize on vertical space
  • Add storage furniture wherever you can
  • Make use of all closet space

Space Optimization Storage in Urban Areas

As you organize your apartment, it’s important to recognize what you can do around your home and its potential. It’s also essential to plan how your storage unit can help you use every square inch of your apartment. Continue reading to learn how to maximize your urban living space.

Seattle skyline at sunset with the Space Needle in view.

Declutter Your Living Space

One way to free up space in your home is by decluttering and downsizing your belongings. This could range from getting rid of duplicate items to embracing smaller pieces of furniture. If you properly declutter, you’ll do more than make additional wiggle room in your city apartment. You can also make space for at-home storage with drawers or baskets.

Choosing the Right Storage Unit

After you declutter your apartment, you’ll find yourself with various items ready for storage. However, if you overestimate and choose a storage unit that’s too big, you’ll pay for additional space you won’t use. That’s why it’s essential you choose the right storage unit for your needs. To learn about what each storage unit can do for you, utilize our online size guide.

Storage for Seasonal Items

During the offseason, people in cities across Illinois and Washington struggle to find room to store seasonal items such as holiday decorations and sports equipment at home. This is where self storage comes in handy. You can opt for any size unit you need, whether it’s a large unit for your mowers and equipment or a small unit for holiday lights and décor.

The Convenience of Self Storage in Urban Areas

With a conveniently located and accessible storage unit near your city apartment, you’ll feel the effects beyond just the additional room. It’s also common to experience more satisfaction with being organized, especially when you don’t have much room to work with, such as in a city apartment. But is there a difference between self storage in Illinois or Washington? Let us compare how self storage benefits city residents in both states.

View of the Chicago skyline at sunrise.


The average rent in Chicago is approximately $2,007 a month, while the average apartment size is only 749 square feet. In comparison, in Aurora, IL, rent is less on average at $1,332 per month while the apartment size average increases to 904 square feet.

With so many folks living in such a heavily populated area, Chicago is among the strongest self storage markets in the country. This is because self storage offers an affordable solution for making more room with limited space amid high average rents.


Washington has seen massive expansion in the self storage market over the last several years. This is mainly due to the heavily populated cities such as Seattle. For example, Seattle also has incredibly high rent averages at $2,122 a month, with apartments averaging 696 square feet in size. With vast expansion leading to pent-up demand for a growing population, Seattle has seen mass growth in self storage.

Rent Your Illinois or Washington Storage Unit at Trojan Storage

Even in Seattle and Chicago, where the demand for self storage is strong, choosing your ideal storage unit shouldn’t be a long, drawn-out process. Cut your search short and turn to Trojan Storage for the best self storage available to rent. With convenient and reliable locations across Illinois and Washington, including locations near Chicago and Seattle, you’ll find us to be the ideal place for all your storage needs.

Don’t leave your city apartment cramped and crowded. Contact us to rent or reserve your storage unit today!

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